How do Painting Robot change paint sprayer ?

  • I have new project to use Robot Yaskawa for paint shop, So I don't known that How can Robot change paint sprayer?
    Please, help me and send me any reference about this issue. Thanks and best regards !

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  • You can download manuals at

    Are you wanting to physical change the gun? Are you wanting to know how to change which gun is active in the SPYON instruction?

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • thank 95devils!
    I just want to known how manipulator physical change the gun paint and clean previous paint color.
    So, if you have any video explain this issue, please send me link address.

  • There are 2 output for SPYON instruction in robot. For example when you use SPYON #1 one of outputs to be ON and when you do SPYOFF that output to be OFF. You can use SPYON #1 and #2 because there are output for one of them. You can see NX100 controller manaul.(wiring and installation) in this manual you can find which output is for SPYON #1 and which is for SPYON #2.

  • We had painting application in my previous firm, for cleaning of the paint inside the gun or in case the paint have to be changed (color red for color blue for example), there was subprogram that was executed after every painting job. This subprogram was executed externally via PLC, but what u need to know is that it used SPYON and SPYOF instruction. One SPYON would open a pneumatic valve for that RED color which is than inserted in the pump and so on until it gets out of the spray gun. When you want to clean gun, another SPYON instruction would open a solvent valve and the solvent would go through the same pipe line as paint and go out of the spray gun. Then it would clean it with air, and open valve for color BLUE. All the parameters were added externally by the painting application supplier software. I hope this have some sense to you. :icon_eek:

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