Send active alarm to PLC

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  • More information would be helpful. Controller type, what kind of alarms? User alarms, robot alarms, robot warnings, messages, etc.

    We do this all the time and have been for a long time. So yes it is possible. Just depends how much money you want to spend. Nothing's free with Fanuc!

  • I know a free option which sends the error code to the PLC and is working.

    1. Do controlled start and set $TPP_MON.$GLOBAL_MT=2
    2. Function, Start Cold
    3. Make a condition monitor (for example cond_error)



    4. Menu, 0, Status, Type: Condition
    5. You see the screen "Program Monitor" now. Press F2 or 'System"
    6. As CH Program, select cond_error
    7. In the condition program, you called error_output, so make this program:


    1: CALL ERROR_TO_REG(51) ;

    The number (51) is in my program, you can address whatever register you want (use an unused one :zwink:), you need 2 registers. So 51 and 52 in this case...
    8. Make a karel program:

    Load this program into the controller, make sure karel is accepted

    Cond_error monitors when alarm is true. If true, call program error_output.
    Error_output activates error_to_reg.

    Now you have 2 codes in R51 and R52. In your alarm manual the code is in 2 parts.
    For example R[51] = 11 and R[52] = 001, when you look it up, it is SRVO ESTOP

    To send it to the PLC, write R[51] and [52] to a GO....

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