I/O status after collosion

  • Hi, Im using a RO signal to control some equiptment. Thing is, if something happends and the robot gets a collision error, I want RO[]=OFF. I am able go get the collision detect error, and ABORT ALL is initiated. But I dont think it changes the RO[] value from ON to OFF when a collision is detected.
    Is it possible to make my own "Collision recovery"-program without the collision guard option ?

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  • Yes you can.
    I have done this on two robots.
    If they have a collision detect fault they automatically reset and start again. If this occurs 3 times within a specified time though the robot moves to a "home" position and turns on an audible alarm for the operators to go see what the problem is.
    This is all controlled by an external PLC that monitors the DO of Collision Detect Fault.

    You can link the Collision Detect fault to a DO and just run a BG program that states "IF DO[x] =ON, RO[x] = OFF".

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