KRC2 failure

  • Hello all,

    I got a big problem. I got an old KRC2 (5ed 5.3.19 soft version). Yesterday, the archive does not want to work, so I made a Kaltstart.

    Instead of something good happend, the robot starts as KRC_Muster (office pc). :stupid:

    Anyone can help for me, how could this happend, and why? In the log there is nothing that shows me why this happend.
    Also but it is a small info, after the start I have to remater all axis.

    I look forward for the answers. Thanks a lot all.

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  • first a few more questions:
    you mentioned "the archive does not work", do you mean by this you could not restore to a previously made archive or that you could not make a new archive?
    If you where trying to restore to previously made archive what was the reason?
    you also mention that you have to remaster, can i take from this that the robot starts normal again and the kuka software is automatically loaded? instead of being stuck in normal windows.

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

  • Hello Leon

    so the Problem was, I can't make a new Archive.

    I made many times a restore on this Robot, and never let me down, but for a 2 month it has no failure, so I haven1t realize the Archive making do not works, until this time.

    And yes the Robot starts as normal, no Problem in it. Only that when the Robot started up, the KUKA HMI loaded as normal then, after I saw that I must remaster all axis, then for Robot Name I saw KRC_Muster, and I did not Change in the SVC, or any else. It started like this. And that's why I'm questioning how could it be?

  • Oke, i am still going to need some more information, because as far as i can tell these 2 problems are not related, i would be amazed if they where
    First when you try to make a new archive what is your procedure and where does it go wrong? do you get an error or something?
    And for the remaster problem, the first thing that comes to mind are battery problems, so do you have to remasters each time you reboot your controller or only when you select "cold boot". if it only happens with cold boot selected then it is not the battery's but then i am not sure where to look next.

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

  • So for Archive:

    I open data, and archive. Then press to make archive on "D". The procedure goes, then the Robot said archive done. When I try to check on "D" there is no new archive.

    The remaster and the Office boot up.

    Yup I tried the batteries with multimeter, 27V on each, so might be not that's the problem. But also yet the last time I restarted the robot I do not have to remaster it. So it could be this is a one in a million case.
    Anyway the second problem that it started as an Office pc (KRC_Muster), that was also not done by the robot.

    So momentan it is works well, except the archive, but I just want to know if there is any Explanation for that why is a configured Robot starts as a KRC_Muster, and if the batteries are ok, why it is lost the mastering.

    But this archive makeing does not make any sense for me.

  • You probably already checked, but is there a change that your archive is either saved in a different location or saving over an old archive?

    for the loss of mastering i had it happen when there was bad connection between the RDC card in the bottom of the robot and the control cabinet. But the difference there was that it happened on a active robot, not one i left overnight. it also happened multiple times on random occasions, but it never hurts to check the cable and the plugs.
    Another thing i can think about is losing connection between kcp and the cabinet. We had a smart forklift driver once who thought it would be fine to drive over the KCP cable. It took me months to find where the problems came from. those problems where loss of mastering data, watchdog error (guards the connection between kcp and KRC2) and ESC failures.

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

  • Thank you the hint Leon.

    We started to stare at the Robot cables, then we get a damaged robdata cable. We changed it, and maybe it was not the reason of the fail but yet the failures does not exist anymore.

    Cheers mate :beerchug:

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