Real-time TCP position/pose control on YuMi (IRB14000)

  • I plan to make a mouse or a gesture control robot like this (

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    For a 6-axes robot, I could implement it by using ABB’s EGM (Externally Guided Motion) option, which allows to send a Cartesian position and pose of TCP. However, when I started to work on YuMi, I noticed that EGM’s position guide control cannot be applied to the 7-axes robot (For YuMi, a joint control mode in EGM is only available).

    Are there any recommendations to implement what I described above?
    Also, I'm guessing that I need to implement IK class to get the correct joints' angles from a desirable TCP position. Maybe using OpenRAVE or OMPL? If you have any recommendation to calculate IK / Inverse Jacobian, please let me know too.

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