SOLVED! How to configure PROFIBUS-DP Slave right?

  • Dear Experts, :icon_mrgreen:

    I´m on my first steps to configure a PROFIBUS-DP Slave interface to our single robot.

    Now I´m at the "DP MASTER SLAVE PARAMETER" Setup where I have to configure the right parameters. I have 64 Input and 64 Output Bytes and I don´t know how I configure the parameters right to get a working connection.

    Can anybody explain what are the important parameters I´ve to adjust? How many Config Data Bytes I´ve to configure by using 64 Input and 64 Output Bytes...? :help:

    The Fanuc documentation is unfortunately not quite understandable.

    Enclosed see my pictures from my configuration.

    Thanks in advance. :merci:

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  • Why do you need to change something in these parameters?
    You must have a file - R-30iB_GSD_Slave_ [rj3c0a2d] .gsd (or another if you do not have a controller with 30iB)
    Upload this file to the Master device and select the number of words that are set in the robot controller.

  • Thanks for your reply and the information about the .gsd-File. :merci:

    I got this file from FANUC but get the information at the PROFIBUS-DP manual to adjust these parameters. So it is right that all parameters automatically set at the first connection from the main device to the slave robot?

    I´ve only set the parameters at the DP Slave setup with the Output and Input Bytes included the station address and further I´ve to configure the DO´s and the DI´s on the Rack 67 Slot 1 for both signals. Is this right?

    Have I adjust any more parameters that it work correctly or is this everything I´ve to do? If this everything it´s not so complicated to change the connection to the Profibus. :top:

    These are my first steps to work with the Profibus and that´s why my question to you. :icon_mrgreen:

    Thank you.

  • No, the Master is the PLC (S7) and the robot is the slave.

    I only want to configure the robot slave to get to the Master a working connection. That´s all what I want. :top:

  • Hello,
    Go to MENU->Setup-PROFIBUS. Hit F3 and select SLAVE. There you set input/output bytes and the address of the station. Do a power cycle after that.
    Then configure your inputs/outputs to match the number of bytes. Rack is 67.
    Normally you don't need to setup anything else.

  • Hi Robotworker, could you communicate the PLC(Master) with the Fanuc robot(Slave)?

    I am trying to make the same communication, could you help me with this? Please!

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