Fanuc Karel Load .LS Files

  • Hello, I'm still very new to Fanuc and Karel, so don't expect too much of me ^^

    My problem: I want to load .LS Files automatically from a USB Stick to the MD: Drive on a Fanuc R30iA Controller.

    My Setup: We have successfully adapted an M710iC50S Robot to be able to machine parts from soft Materials. We use SprutCAM to generate Toolpaths, and we get .LS Files from it that work.
    Our Fanuc R30iA doesn't have enough space to load all Files at once, so I'd like to load each file, run it, delete it and load the next one. This routine works flawlessly with .tp Files.
    Also, if I go into Files on the Teach Panel, select my .LS Files in the UT1: Directory(USB on TP) and click load, it works.

    BUT: The standart Karel LOAD function does not support loading .ls files.

    I'd rather not use an FTP connection. Generating .tp files directly from SprutCAM seems not to be possible. Compiling all .ls Files with Roboguide is a bit cumbersome, but could work.
    FANUC Support wasn't very helpful, they just sent me the ~1000 Page Karel Reference Manual and told me to read that before asking stupid questions :/

    Do any of you have an idea how to solve this problem? Since I can do it manually, it has to be possible, right? ;)

    Thanks ahead,

  • In Karel, you can use the COPY_FILE command, and copy the .ls file from the UT1: device to the MD: device. This assumes your robot has the ASCII Upload option, which it sounds like it does if you can load from a usb stick.



    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • Thank you lexx905! The Karel Command Line Copy Function worked flawlessly!

    We have tried all other Karel Copy/Load function but none of them worked for .ls files, .tp files etc were never a problem.
    Nice was also that the GET_STR_REG was not in the Karel Manual that Fanuc sent me this week..

    This Code below may not be the most stable and does not catch exceptions and such, but for our tests it works :)

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