Wire break valve and connections

  • Hello,
    I need help to select one pneumatic valve to control the wire break to run touchsense jobs and I need a wiring diagram to connect this valve to the controller.
    Thanks. :yesyesyes:

    Rafael Schroer

    Motoman & ABB OLP Programmer

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  • Rafael,

    You shouldn't put a valve on the robot without a filter and regulator. Motoman has a nice kit with the filter, regulator and valve all in one kit.

    A solenoid valve is only two wires (okay three, but one is ground and that doesn't count). You also need to know what output is free on the robot to use. Most of the outputs fro Yaskawa robots are NPN (they put out zero volts) but some are dry contact. Without knowing what controller you have and what outputs are free it's impossible to tell you haw to connect it. Also, if you get a big valve, you may need to install a relay because the valve coil would draw more current than the robot output can supply.


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