motion profiler

  • Hello, i'm new on this forum and this site helped me many time time but i don't find what i need right now ^^!

    So, i need some help for an option called "motion profiler" (MENU->NEXT->STATUS->MOTION PROFILER), it's use for watch every axes if they are use correctly on a specific program and other stuffs.

    when the program is over the motion profiler show some stuff (graphic,cycle time, ect...) and i'm asking is there a way to send on an external device they results. i think there is a variable system for that but i can't find it, i called fanuc and ask them but they did'nt know how to do it. if a variable system exist, i can do a karel program to have what i want but i can find anything.
    Is there a chance than the instruction DIAGNOSE could do something like what i want ?

    If someone can help it would amazing. :help:

    thanks you !

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