KRC2 MADA Confıguration Problem

  • Hi,

    I have a Kuka KR2210L150K. The robots arm lenght is 3500mm. I add one more extension and now it is 3900mm. But this arm lenght doesn't exist. So i need to modify the MADA.
    There is one arm as 3900mm, the model is KR2210L100K_2. I compared both machine.dat and robcor.dat files. I changed the arm lenght. But while running a PTP it is giving;
    1157 overload of gear torque A3 by ...%

    I am searching how to increase the gear torque value of the A3, but a haven't found out where to do. I try to close the torque monitoring. But that one also not accepted by controller.

    If there is any guide for Dynamic Data or any suggestion, it will be really helpful.


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  • Yes, KUKA can help. How to configure dynamic model is company secret of KUKA and not openly available.

    If you have a standard KUKA arm extension you should only need to change the machine data set to the one corresponding to your new kinematic setup. These should be available with your software installation discs or inside WorkVisual depending on what controller generation and software versions you have,


  • Hello,

    I have a similar problem. I did not do the arm extension but received the robot with 3700mm reach. (1700mm between A3 and A4 and ZH 210 I)ür-kr210k-2000-mit-zh-210-i-und-1700mm-armverlängerung-kss-5-6-12/?postID=89077#post89077

    mengeneci, Jihobrik Did KUKA respond? Have you got a working MADA?

    After carefully studying many variants of $machine.dat and $robcor.dat

    I was able to create a preliminary MADA for my robots. Maybe not as perfect as KUKA's version but at least it moves and inverse kinematics seems to be correct.


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