SRVO 037 & User Login

  • Hello Everyone,
    I'm new with Fanuc robot. Currently I wrking of R2000ia /200f with rj3ib controller. I am facing two issues
    1. SRVO 037 IMSTP Signal is off
    2. There is password to controller , I need to delete that user , so how I can delete these user.

    Thanks in advance.

  • AD
  • Is this in a current running piece of automation or are you just starting the project?

    If this is a new project and are just starting then...
    The IMSTP is a UI that needs to be true for the system to run when you have ENABLE UI set to TRUE in the SYSTEM -> CONFIG.
    Turn it to FALSE and this will clear the alarm and you can move the robot manually.

    If this is a running piece of equipment then I would assume that the "Robot Enable" type of signal is coming from an external PLC and you will need to look there to see why this input is not on.

  • for the user login open the backup SRAM00 image in notepad ++ and scroll till you find the user name and under it you will find the password. you can go into controlled start and remove the users.

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