KRC4 battery defective but voltage fine

  • Hello, all.
    I am not sure if this happens to any of you before.
    My KRC4 compact could not be shut down in a controlled manner and kept warning 'Battery or battery fuse defective - backup not possible' every time I turned it on. The voltage of the two was 10V and 3V respectively. I thought it was because of the low voltage that caused the problem so I replaced the two batteries to new ones which gave 12V to 14V.
    However, the controller still cannot shut down in a controlled manner and the warning message was changed to 'Battery defective - load test failed'. :hmmm:I wonder if anyone has a similar problem? Thanks!

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  • that is prbably right because they are different voltage. btw. how did you measure voltage? if you simply used multimeter and got 12V when no load is connected, that means nothing. also are batteries really connected correctly? (polarity ok?)

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  • Hi all,
    It can be shut down properly now. Problem solved!
    It was because the power in the new batteries was not sufficient. After a whole night of charging it is fine now.
    Thanks Panic mode for your information anyway!

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