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  • An issue I am having on two Motoman welding systems (DX100) is operators and group leaders are modifying programs when they shouldn't be. Granted, I can put it in operator security mode but that will prevent us from running welds manually and/or resetting shock sensor functions (which they're responsible for) when these instances occur. Our current setup prevents us from having individual passwords.

    My questions are...

    Is there any ability to limit functions during editing mode? ie. remove ability to use the inform list, modify arc schedules, etc.? It would be nice to be only available in management mode. The group leaders have some responsibilities in modifying programs but I want to prevent them from doing more than what they're supposed to. In short, I only want them to modify/reteach searches and weld points.

    Would there happen to be a parameter I can set to change anything?

    Is it possible to change the security mode where it will allow a the overrun-shock sensor to be reset?

    Can I disable the inform list button in a particular mode?

    In the end, I was hoping to have our system setup to only allow the ability to reset shock sensor alarms, perform minor touchups (excluding anything from the inform list), and to be able to weld with the teach pendant outside of being in the management mode.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Sounds like you know your options.

    There is a user parameter that would allow operators to touch up positions in operation security level. But that defeats the purpose for shock sensor recovery.

    The option for password protect but that gives you the same items you already know.


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  • So is there not an option to change a parameter to allow the shock sensor to be reset in operate security mode?

    Also, is there an option that will allow me to weld while in teach under the operate security mode?

    Any chance that I can disable the inform list under the edit and/or operate security mode?

    If there are parameters that can change these options, anyone happen to know them?

  • if you want for an operator to be allowed to reset the shoch sensor in operate mode maybe you can put a key that will make a bridge to the shock sensor cables inside the controller.

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