Problem with Log Manager?

  • I have a kuka robot running KRC V2.3.24.
    Began to have problems with the log manager showing LogNotAvailable error. I over came this by getting a fresh KukaLog.mdb file from the install files on the D:/ drive and now the message isn't showing and I can view the log book.
    Only problem now is whenever the robot goes into fault, for example, a command acceleration fault, it isn't showing the fault in the log manager, thus not flagging up as a fault and simply stopping mid cycle.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? Configuration file somewhere I missed?

  • AD
  • The log files are corrupt you need to copy them from the d drive under the fresh installation and paste them to c:\krc\roboter\log

    its best to do this in windows 1st preform a cold start and stop the controller booting in windows copy files then reboot .

    should be kukalog.ldb but copy all if unsure

    job done :flower:

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