• Good afternoon, I am a beginner in this of the programming of robots and I need a help with some things that escape to my understanding. I have a second hand FANUC R2000ib robot, I created the movement programs but at the time of launching a program it tells me that there is an error. The error displayed by the console is that there is no such program. I have been reading manuals and you have to configure the PNS but I do not know how that is configured and how the programs are assigned to a PNS.

    Another query I would like to do is what program I need to connect to the robot PLC and what program I need for your KAREL programming.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hola Fran94 Bienvenido al foro

    Can you run the program manually using SHIFT and FORWARD ?

    You said yo are new a robot prog, do you have any experience with PLC or any other automation related programming device ?
    I'm asking because the in your question you mentioned Karel, PNS and I think that's a bit to much for a beginner.

    Retired but still helping

  • Good, regarding the programming of PLC if I have experience because I work in an engineering. What is new to me is the programming of Robots. The little that I know of KAREL, PNS and others is to have looked at manuals, university practices and to have researched in the programming console of the robot but there is little information of KAREL and PNS and I need your help to lend a helping hand.

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