Collision detection

  • On R30 iB controller we have slow move towards a product. There is always a possibility that the product is closer then we expected.
    I should want to avoid pushing to hard on the material (or movement stops very fast if it hits the material) and I should want to be informed in the TP-code if the robot hits the material, but I don't want the robot go into error mode. If the material is touched the program should automatically retract the robot a little.
    Can the collision sensitivity be set from the TP-program (what variables have to be set at what value?)?
    How can the active motion be stopped if collision is detected (how is a collision seen in the program?)?
    I want no operator intervention to 'solve' the collision, the program should retract the robot automatically.

  • Sorry, I could not quite understand the application. Why would you have slow move towards object when you want to stop and retract the robot when or even before it touches . You certainly don't want to pick up the object. Do you?

    Anyway, to answer your queries:

    $HSCDMNGRP[1].$stnd_cd is the variable to set the sensitivity of collision. Range 0-100. (You should have that collision detection option in your software package in order to use this variable)
    You can also use instruction COL DETECT ON/OFF in you programs to enable and disable collision detection.
    I don't think you can have just "Indication" of collision without an error and stopping the robot.

    In my opinion use of proximity sensor (with larger range) seems the best idea to sense the presence of the object and trigger an input to make your robot do whatever you want.

  • What's the tolerance? The easiest way to prevent robot collisions in with a situation where variance is impossible to avoid is to include some tolerance within your EOAT(springs work well)

    Otherwise I can go into detail with a way to program around a mechanical issue, but it's a far more complex solution.

    FYI, You can adjust your collision guard setting in Menu->Setup->CollGuard.

  • I am on Fanuc's cRc site configuring some robots for upcoming projects and came across an option that sounds similar to what your looking for. It is called Collision Recovery, R791, here is the description:

    Collision Recovery provides automatic recovery from a robot collision with an external object. It uses both the Collision Guard and High Speed Skip software options to recover automatically from the SRVO-050 Collision Detect error. Without Collision Recovery, when a collision detect error occurs, the robot program pauses with a SRVO-050 alarm. If Collision Recovery is enabled, the robot program will detect the SRVO-050 alarm, RESET the alarm and CONTINUE the robot operation from a user-specified LABEL of the robot program. When Collision Recovery is installed, it will automatically install the High Speed Skip software option to the robot. However, the Collision Guard software option must be purchased and installed on the robot before using Collision Recovery.

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