cable routing

  • Hello everyone!

    I have kuka kr240, that for now used with 1 tool.
    In future i plan to use it with 3 spot-welding guns. Of course i will use tool-changer system. But i have one problem:

    How can i trace all cables (power supply for welding gun, fieldbus, water supply in&out - all of this will be connected to tool-changer) from base of robot to tool-changer?
    On the base of robot i have box, on side of it placed motor cables and RDC (as i think). Maybe through it?

    Is there any place for cables inside of robot base? And how can i connect cables from base to housing of A1 axis, so then i was able to lay the cable through leoni system?
    Maybe someone have detailed design documentation for robot?

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  • That depends on the option packages installed on the robot. It also depends on whether your KR240 is a Quantec or not. How are the current cables run? As long as there is sufficient space, you can add additional cables to the existing conduit.

    There are option packages that provide connection points at the base of the robot, adjoining the RDC box, which are (usually) connected to a conduit which convey's the user's cabling through Axis 1 up to Axis 2. At that point, depending upon bulk, it may be possible to route an addition conduit up the inside of the A2/A3 casting. Or, alternatively, there are mounting points along the A2/A3 casting for the attachment of external hardpoints.

    Cabling running from A3 to the wrist must be run externally, using the hardpoints on the A3/A4 casting.

    The option packages are usually referred to by KUKA as "energy supply," and can be researched on KUKA's web site.

  • Because of present configuration (1 tool), we can't use existing tubes to route new cables. Overall diameter will be much larger (water supply, power supply e.t.c.)

    I've made some photos of existing robots. 2 robots: as i think first one in non-quntec and second is quantec.
    This "energy supply" package - can we use non-kuka conduit? Leoni/igus systems?

  • It looks like your existing energy supply package is already filled. While you can probably route extra conduits up the outside of the arm between A2 and A4, the root issue will be passing through A1.
    On robots that have too much conduit to pass through A1, I usually see people using a sort of semi-circular "cat track" or "cable chain" that wraps partway around the robot base plate, and passes the extra conduit up the outside of A1 to get to the lower A2 mounting point.

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