C Series - Error 1337

  • More info to come.

    The short story is my robot and C series controller has decided yet again to throw the error 1337 Two MC lines are not consistent.

    Last time my robot did this it went away with no explanation.

    Now today after a week of running it decided to stop halfway through a run and throw this error with no apparent explanation.

    I have done a lot of trouble shooting on the controller, I will post the details tomorrow.

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  • I would try and isolate the Controller from ALL external safety monitoring devices on TB2.
    - Therefore eliminating if its externally related or not.
    - It does sound electromechanical to me, either external, or internal.......

    Any chance you can monitor TB2 safety circuits with 2 DVM's or those little cheap storage oscilloscopes to see if there's any delay in both channels coming in or a moment where one channel flickers on/off/on?

  • So, I unhooked the TB2 safety circuits today and jumpered them.

    Still throwing the error.

    The safety/alarm circuit appears to be fine, in fact there doesn't seem to be any reason for this error to be occurring. :wallbash::mad:

    I'm currently trying to figure out what and where is actually monitoring the circuits that's throwing this error? or in other words

    Error 1337 states: A problem has been detected with the MC lines controlling the K1/K2 contactors.

    What I cant figure out is, what is "detecting" the "problem"?

    I forgot to add, my robot runs in teach mode, but as soon as the robot is switched to repeat it throws this error, before the motor power can be turned on.

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  • There is something in the back of my mind about a 'setting' regarding Emergency Stop improvement/response located in the maintenance function options somewhere......
    - You will know the history of the software AS/SV/TP whether this has been changed at all recently, as for it to suddenly cause issues........worth checking may be.

    As for how this is 'detected'.....lets see if we can follow back from K1 and K2 Control....see if anything jumps out.

    The 1HY board ultimately 'controls' K1 or K2 activation.
    - Teach Mode uses CR3 and CR4 for K2 Control.
    - Repeat Mode uses CR2 and CR3 for K1 Control.
    ( I think I have this the right way round from the circuit).

    Since CR3 is working in Teach......fair to say, CR2 is not triggering - looks like this feeds CR3 with 24V directly to the coil on K1.
    - Is CR1 on the 1HY indicating the Emergency Stop Condition when in error in Repeat Mode and indicating its ok during Teach.
    - ALL CR's signals are coming from 1HP via CN3.
    - Specifically CR2 coil supply is coming from CN3 pin5 and the 0V to that is on 1HP CN3 pin20 (which is also shared with CR1 and CR4)
    - Hmmmmm.......what about free wheeling diodes on the 1HY 'breaking down' on CR2......got a spare 1HY to try? or even the supply coming from the AVR.....got a spare one these to try?

    - CR2 and CR3 are controlled via RY4 contacts on 1HP, both RY4 contacts sit in the 2 channels of the Emergency Stop 24V and 0V circuits which go via all E/stops, LS lines (and umbilicals to Arm), TB2 Links.

    So could be fair to say that either:
    - RY4 contacts resistive (but you have changed 1HP - so can rule that out).
    - Breakdown/intermittent contact in the 24V or 0V dual channel circuit. - ie a TRUE loss (would expect to see this in Teach Mode also, but looking at RY3 contact, this goes to 24V only and not 0V....strange)
    - Looking at it RY3 and RY4 Relays are being controlled directly from Emergency Stop circuit - I'm pretty sure the 2 relays shown on the attached image are RY3 and RY4 coils.
    - Defo look into the 0V Channel of the E/Stop circuit.

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