KRC2 sr KR5 sixx 850

  • Hello. I have one weird problem. I have a small robot KRC2 SR KR5 sixx 850 with KSS 7.0.14.The controller is giving me only this error "31042 Machine data doesn't fit for this robot type". I have exchanged the batteries on the robot, on the controller memory battery, still I have this error.

    If I change machine data to KR5 sixx 650, then error goes away and I can move the robot but it is wrong machine data, because robot is NOT moving ok (weird movement), because it is the wrong machine data for this robot. If I put correct machine data it is giving me error "31042 Machine data doesn't fit for this robot type" and cannot move the robot.

    I know that this robots are DENSO robots and they do not have RDW card. SO in what card or place is the wrong robot type defined in the controller. This is the only problem I think. or maybe some DENSO part of the controller is damaged?

    Thank you.

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  • Sorry I was very busy. The solution is: Under the folder C:/KRC/UTIL there is one more folder from standard KSS installation called SR_RobotTypeData and in that folder you have all the KRC2sr robots. Search for your robot folder (in my case "#KR5 C2SR FLR 850" folder) and then run "rtfupd batch" file and it will upload the new robot type to the DENSO part of the controller and it will match your correct machine data from standard setup. Then do cold boot restart.

  • Sorry, I have the same problem. I follow the instructions and execute the file "rtfupd.bat". Why I can not execute it? The error message will show the window "Windows cannot find.......Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again..........."
    Please help me. Thank you!

  • I ever try to run the file direct in the folder c:/krc/util/sr_robottypedata/#kr5 c2sr flr 850. I found I can not run the bat file. Then I copy the folder #kr5 c2sr flr 850 to system32 folder and then run the cmd window. I found the cmd can not run and can not open the window. So I run the "command" and open the dos window and type the "rtfupd.bat". I did not see anything run in the window. Could you tell me how to correctly run the file? Thank you very much.

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