Acceleration and deceleration of the movements

  • Good night,

    I have an application with an R2000 IB / 125 L robot and R30IA controller.

    How can I during the execution of a program change the acceleration and deceleration of the movements?

    What kind of commands are there in fanuc?

  • The ACC expression, along with the number that goes with it... affects both the acceleration and deceleration ramps in the Fanuc robot, as it may pertain to a particular position instruction.
    Don't forget to check or set the unitless scale for your ACC expression in MENU- SYSTEM- Config window, Max of ACC instruction and MIN of ACC instruction.

    I agree with Cobenson. I am not aware of any way to specify deceleration ramp only using normal TP Programming language.

  • First, check or set the scale in MENU-System-Config window: Max. of ACC Instruction and Min. of ACC Instruction.
    Let us say you have chosen a scale (a range) of 50 to 150

    12: L P[4] 2000 mm/sec CNT 100 ACC 150
    reach speed with strongest acceleration/deceleration ramp


    17: L P[6] 1500 mm/sec CNT 100 ACC 50
    reach speed with weakest acceleration ramp

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