Mapping UOP To Flag

  • AD
  • Rack 0: Internal relay
    Racks 1-16: I/O Unit Model A/B
    Rack 32: I/O Link slave
    Rack 33: PMC
    Rack 34: Flags
    Rack 35: Always ON
    Rack 36: DCS I/O Monitor
    Rack 48: Peripheral device interface LR Mate I/O
    Rack 81: DeviceNet
    Rack 88: EGD
    Rack 89: Ethernet IP

  • I'll add to fastfingers post:
    0 process I/O boards (also memory image)
    16 AB or Genius I/O
    32 Slave SLC2 I/O
    33 internal relay/register
    34 flag marker
    35 always on/off port Slot 0 = OFF Slot 1 = ON
    36 DCS port
    48 address mapped I/O for LR Mate Peripheral connectors
    64 ME-NET
    66 PROFIBUS DP master
    67 PROFIBUS DP slave
    68 FL-net
    69 FL-net status
    70 InterBus-S master
    71 InterBus-S slave
    72 IO-LINK II master
    73 IO-LINK II slave
    74 FIPIO master
    75 FIPIO slave
    81 first DeviceNet board
    82 Used by DeviceNet
    83 Used by DeviceNet
    84 Used by DeviceNet
    85 controlnet; also used 86
    86 Used by ControlNet
    87 RoboWeld
    88 Ethernet Global Data (GE-EGD I/O)
    89 EthernetIP (ControlNet over ethernet) I/O
    90 Arclink Rack Number
    91 WTC Serial Weld Controller I/O
    92 CC-Link RD
    93 InterBus PxC PCI master
    94 InterBus PxC PCI slave
    95 InterBus PxC PCI cmd
    96 Modbus TCP
    97 TOYOPUC PC3J Interface
    98 InterBus PxC Slave interface
    99 PROFINET I/O Controller
    100 PROFINET I/O Device

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

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  • Does anyone have a mapping of the internal rack/slot/points?
    I'm thinking in particular of Rack 36 and 48, or any others that refer to internal points. (Of course the field-bus racks are user-defined.)
    The only one I know of is Rack 36, Slot 3, Point 5, a state for the dead-man switch I believe.

    - Jay

  • Rack 36 is detailed in the DCS manual under the Safe IO section. Here are a few important ones:

    slot 6 = Cartesian position check
    slot 7 = Cartesian speed check
    slot 8 = Joint position check
    slot 9 = Joint speed check

    The points for the above slots correspond to the zone numbers on the DCS menu.

    Slot 3 = Safe System Inputs
    Point 1 = Servo off ok
    2 = Fence ok
    3 = External E-stop ok
    5 = Deadman ok
    6 = Internal E-stop ok
    7 = Auto mode on
    8 = T1 mode on
    9 = T2 mode on
    10 = Servo power on
    11 = CIP safety bypassed

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  • Can you use these even if you don't have the DCS option?

  • Any idea what is this?

    From the "R-J3iB Mate LR Handling Tool B-81524EN-01.pdf" manual:

    The rack indicates the master of I/O link, the CRM79 interface, and the kind of hardware which composes I/O module to robot control PC board.

    – 32 = I/O Link slave interface (at slave mode)
    – 48 = CRM79 interface

    The slot indicates the number of I/O module parts which composes RACK. However, it is fixed to 1 for the CRM79 interface.


  • Rack 106 Slot 1 EtherCAT slave board, as seen in EtherCat_operator_manual_[B-83704EN_01].pdf

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