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  • Hi
    I define 2 tools for my robot(tool 1 and tool 2). I write job without select tool and with defualt tool (tool 0). Now, i will change tool and move robot according to tool 1 and also tool 2. I use relative job for change user frame but i don't know about convert tools. Are there option for change tools in jobs? What is the method for convert job with tool 0 to tool 1 or 2?

  • Assuming your not talking about just touching up servo command positions with MODIFY and ENTER with the correct tool active:

    There is a Multiple Tool Path Function that is a software option. With it you get the TCPON TL#( ) and TCPOF instructions.

    If you are using P-Variable position (probably not since you said Relative Job) depending on the controller generation the CNVRT instruction with the TL#( ) tag would work.

    Depending on the controller generation you could use the GETTOOL and SETTOOL instructions.

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  • Hi ;

    You could activate Tag data replace function and with that option you could change all points Tool number.
    Or If you activate position adjust function with that function you could change tool value one by one.

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