Break Test Errors. New To Kuka.

  • We have a few roll hemming KR 240 R2900 ultra C4 FLR Robots that encounter "Break Test Errors" all of the time. Our team is full of Fanuc experts that don't have a lot of Kuka experience. We can correct by restarting the program or just skipping the axis test. We had a very good Kuka contact but he was very sick and passed recently (R.I.P buddy) and we have not had the chance to meet our new contact. I'm sure to most, this is an easy correction!
    We are in no hurry. It will be a good learning experience for the team to look at different items that could cause this problem! Thanks! Its very cool that you experts take the time to assist us newbies and bless us with your Knowledge! I will post a screen shot as soon as it happens! Thanks again!

  • Are these robots using SafeOperation? And what version of KSS are they running?

    You can disable the Brake Test through WorkVisual, without violating legal safety requirements. Or you can change the required interval so it happens less often. You can also trigger Brake Test externally from your Cell PLC to reset the timer preemptively -- for example, if the internal timer is set for 48hrs, and your Cell PLC triggers the test using the external signals every 24hrs, you should almost never have this issue crop up (except for long holidays and things, but you can set the internal timer quite long. It also counts running time, not just clock/calendar time).

  • I am pretty sure we are running SafeOperation but don't see the software packet inside the Modules list. The robots do not have access to any operator stations nor do they come in contact with any area that is close to an operator work zone.

    How do you disable the test in WorkVisual? We have been told it cant be done! Thanks again!


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