38103 - Lost communication with the SMB

  • Hello,

    I have one problem with robot IRB 120 with controller IRC5 compact. One day, I disconnected all cables on the controller and robot. After a few days (maybe one week), I connected all cables and I turned robot. Then, on the flexpendant is this error message:

    38103, Lost communication with the SMB:

    The communication has been lost between the axis computer and the
    serial measurement board on measurement link
    1 in Drive Module 1.

    The system goes to status SYS HALT and loses its calibration

    Probable causes
    This may be caused by bad connections or cables (screening),
    especially if non-ABB cables are used for external axes. Possible
    causes are also faulty serial measurement board or axis computer.

    Recommended actions
    1) Reset the robot's revolution counters as detailed in the robot Product
    2) Make sure the cable between serial measurement board and axis
    computer is connected correctly, and that it meets the specification set
    by ABB.
    3) Make sure the cable screen is correctly connected at both ends.
    4) Make sure no extreme levels of electromagnetic interference are
    emitted close to the robot cabling.
    5) Make sure the serial measurement board and axis computer are fully
    functional. Replace any faulty unit.

    How to solve this problem, please? :)

    Thanks for your response and sorry for my english.

  • He probably means were any of the joints on the arm rotated, moved possibly when lifting the arm?.

    Yeah, that...
    We have a lot of S4C(+) robots and a only few IRC5's, so I haven't (yet) had the opportunity to deal w/ IRC5 SMB issues. The S4C+ machines would lose rev counters if a joint was moved with power down - usually only that joint. A weak battery will lose all rev counters when powered down. Perhaps the IRC5's are touchier on being unplugged?

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