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  • TP+ is not an "opensource TP editor": it's a language that tries to work around the limitations inherent to the regular TP language by adding additional features and syntactic sugar, and then uses a technique called transpilation to generate equivalent TP sources (ie: ls files).

    Those files will then still need to be run through either RoboGuide or maketp.

    It's definitely a cool project and tool though.

    Edit: Jay is a member of this board, so I expect he'll post a reply when he sees this.

  • TP+ isn't something I have yet seen a need for personally so I don't have much to add, but am definitely interested in his other utility, DataTool, whenever he launches that one. I have been to his site quite a few times now, via Google searches usually, and he appears to know quite a bit about Fanuc robots and programming. Plus according to his site he worked for Fanuc as well.

  • rf103 is correct. TP+ is just a language that compiles to TP. Feel free to try it out here:

    The goal of TP+ was to provide a more programmer-friendly environment... maybe a more elegant syntax. I think I managed to improve some things (identifiers, constants, syntax-checking), but it has many issues as well (bad scoping, hacky R-30iA IF-ELSE support, missing features, etc.).

    While it is "production ready" in the sense that I used it on a rather complex system that is in production now, it needs work. The most annoying issue was keeping programs and positions consistent between the real robot (TP source) and my PC (TP+ source), though I struggle with this with standard TP as well...

    Someday I'd like to try again and fix the entire toolchain problem (auto-detect changes, separation of code from data/positions, testing, etc.). Until then I'm happy to accept pull requests! :smiling_face:

  • In case anyone else ends up reading this:

    I've been using TP+ very successfully for the last two months. It's nice to finally have my code under version control.

    I did need to write a wrapper around the code to compile it all at once and to pull in all my registers from a central document.
    From talking with Jay, I think I could do something similar (and easily and better) with make files, but I have not explored that path yet.

    And yes, there are lots of little things that need to be worked on, but nothing show stopping.

  • It's nice to finally have my code under version control.

    As much as I like (the idea of) TP+, I don't understand how it influences your workflow such that it makes this possible. 'regular TP' can be versioned just as well. I always just remove all line numbers (they're only there for us humans anyway) and can version everything just fine.

  • Yes,you're right, 'regular TP' files can be versioned.
    I should say instead: it's finally worth it for me to place my robot code in version control.

    TP+ has dealt with many of the little things, abstracting them away so I don't need to worry about them.
    Some of the things I like:
    - Syntax errors are almost not a thing at all, and when they are they are usually fast to debug.
    - Using names for variables (registers/IO) instead of numbers.
    - Comments are super, super easy. (My code now has more comments than actual code, not practical before).
    - A very forgiving syntax.

    Also, who wants to take the time to remove line numbers? The main reason I use version control it to make life easy for me. Removing line numbers just adds to the work.

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