R30iA R2000iB 200T Memory Limit

  • Hello,
    We are currently very close to reaching our maximum memory capacity on one of our cells. We have already upgraded the memory to I think the max? Is there a way to "DNC" programs in and out of the R30iA controller? We are needing to add a couple of new part types and I am afraid we may run out of our TP memory. I really would not like to have to save and delete programs every time we run a different part type. If we could hook up to the controller via eithernet, and download programs on the fly, that would be great. Any insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

  • If transferring files manually between the robot and PC is ok, all you need is Ethernet connection and FTP client Filezilla (free download).
    Set the robot OS type in Filezilla to DOS, and remember, that .ls and .va human-readable files are not transferable to robot, but only from robot. You will have to transfer .tp files.

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