How to check for joint angles and axis orientation in Karel code?

  • I'm a complete newbie to robotics. I'm trying to figure out how the joint angles and axis work while writing code in Fanuc Karel instead of using the TP.

    Basically I want to know if I can look at Karel code and figure out what the joint angles are and whether or not any two joint axes are collinear. Sorry if this question doesn't make much sense; I'm just that new to this and the manual I have is a tough read. But I'm absolutely eager to learn.

  • I get what you mean, but I was assigned a project which deals with Karel and not TP programming. I wish I hadn't been, because it's a mess and I'm not going to come up with the kind of solution they asked for.

  • generally, there is a dedicated data type for positions (POSITION, consists of reals and a string if I recall correctly) + some built-in functions which can work with it. You can also read and write each element of a POSITION variable after assigning it to a variable of an appropriate type.

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