DX200 - file instructions

  • Hello All,
    I was search in manuals but I didn't find any instruction with files (ex. create new file, write to it or read from it).
    Is in Inform instruction with files (ex. txt)? I work with DX200.
    Best regards

  • Hi,
    I do not want to exchange jobs. I want to create new file on the robot and write to this file some data connected with spotwelding (ex. Wear of electrodes after every dressing).
    I know ABB robots and there are instructions like (ex.): Open, ReadAnyBin, WriteAnyBin, opendir. So I look for These instruction in Inform.

  • HI,

    I do not know ABB robot well but If I understang right, in Yaskawa standart inform you do not have that kind of instruction.

    If you want to make communicaiton by any machine you need to write your own communicaiton by ethernet protocol.
    About writing the protocol and get data from machine you could use MotoGSI you could make communicaiton, or you can use Motoplus.

    I hope it help.

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