Panasonic robot - Arc welding

  • Dear all.

    My factory have two panasonic robot for welding,Part No: YA-1QAR61, When i teaching and setup some parameter, some icon on screen to be invisible! i tried login robot by user default: robot, password: 0000, but can solve it! So, how can i make visible for some icon on screen?
    Thank so much and have a nice day!

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  • Hi,

    Sorry for the late reply..

    Im not sure which icons you are talking about. If the icons which you looking for are invisible or hidden then probably you might be in a different mode for which those icons does not apply. For example, the Jog keys will not be visible if you have activated trace mode. Similarly forward backward icons does not show up if the robot motion and trace icons are not activated.
    Let me know which icon you are looking for so that I can help you out.

  • Thank Dore,

    I already fix that problem, but i still have one more things about arc welding for robot!

    my application weld vessel with thin steel, when i weld, sometime have problem, metal to be melt! steel is 0.6mm! i set parameter with Ampere: 70, voltage: 17.2, speed: 0.12 m/min!

    can you help me fix that problem or give me your advice about parameter!

    Thank so much and have a nice day!

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