Mitsubishi Arm Robot communication with PC

  • Hey Guys ! :D

    am in deep shit right now :D , I hope someone would help me here

    I am a college student, and am trying to perform an external realtime control on a "Mitsubishi RV2SDB" Arm robot based on a computer vision program running on a PC.

    I knew from the manuals, and the German version of this forum that there are different ways for network communication with the robot:

    1) TCP/IP Communication with Print/Input
    2) TCP/IP Communication with R3-Protocoll
    3) UDP realtime Communication with external C++ program

    am working on the first and third option in parallel to have some redundancy on the options but neither work.... shit happens:D

    I read that for data linking with the robot some parameters need to be set prior to the usage of OPEN command when using TCP/IP with Print/Input.. such as

    I grasped the idea of what should be the value of each parameter, but I have no idea how to set them on the program !!!

    Is it NETIP = "" or NETIP "" or what????? and I did't find any code examples on how to configure these parameters.

    I feel like it is a dumbass question but it is really a problem for me right now so go easy on me :D :D

    Sorry for the intro but I hope it would be beneficial for anyone (if it were right of course :D ) and if it was wrong (probably yes :D) someone would guide me

  • Hi Body,

    My project was to find a way to control my robot using a machine with Linux. So, a friend sent to me a manual that I didn't find on the internet with a lot of commands that you can send to the robot controller, exemple: 1;1;RUN1A (run program 1A), or 1;1;STATE (get robot status). You can do this after setting a telnet connect with the robot controller.

    I'm using Python to do the telnet connection, sending the commands and receiving the output. You can do something like this:

    I guess i'm not abble to post the manual with the commands here, 'cause of the Mitsubishi Rights. If you want, send me a private message with your email and I may send it to you.

    Hope I've helped.



  • thanks gabrielschubert I had found a way to access the robot parameters through RCI explorer in CIROS by absolute coincidence :D and communication was established
    thanks again for your reply

  • Hi, I have the (more or less) same problem: I'm developing a standalone controller for a RV2-FD and I need the manual you mentioned. Could you help me please?

    Thank You!!!

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