collision detect

  • I had an issue today. RJ-2 Controller with an M420i robot. Trying to move from a position to the final point and kept getting spot 047 collision detect. Tried adjusting collision sensitivity etc. Finally solved by disabling collision detect, teaching position, then re-enabling collision detect. Manual and auto cycles both work.
    Question that plaques me is what was I missing to change. These are old GM machines.

  • I have run into this problem when there is a short distance, and many axis changes from one point the next. Have just slowed the travel speed on this line with good results.
    You sometimes have to add a few points in between moving the axises closer to what the final point will be. Hope this helps.

  • Has anyone gotten something similar to this expect, it only happens when trying to jog the robot? I'm using a LR Mate with a 30iB controller. I have no problem moving from position to position. The robot is mounted vertically and it only seems to have when the end of arm is about to cross the plane the robot is mounted on. Collision detect alarm (G:1 A:2).

    When I go to Menu-> Status-> Axis-> Diag. I noticed the disturbance is usually around 30%. When jogging the robot very slowly to the spot where it usually alarms out it jumps up to 92%. Does anyone know the normal values for the disturbance?


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