error MOTN-063 position config change

  • I'm trying to run a program and keep getting this message (MOTN-063 position config change). This program has a different home position from all my other programs. Is there some type of setting I need to enable or disable to get it to work. Every time I need to run this program I have to rewrite it. It's very time consuming. I need some help.

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  • The robots configuration is different between two or more positions.
    It probably is due to the orientation of axis 5. FLIP or NONFLIP of the wrist.
    Depending on your process the orientation of the robot may need some special consideration to manage the difference in config.
    You need to look at the position the robot was in before the error, and the position the robot is going to next.

  • OK...It seems to be from the twisting of the wrist. I will make some changes to the program. Thanks

    Yes, basically you want to move from one point to another
    But the first point the wrist is twisted in one direction an the other in the opposite direction
    To move between them following a line interpolation will required to pass an intermediate position were the wrist is fully extended (J5=0 degrees)
    which is prohibited.

    Either you re-teach your points to have them both twisted in the same direction

    Or, use a joint movement instead of line interpolation

    Or use line interpolation with WRIST joint termination, in this case the WCP interpolates linearly while the minor axis interpolate point to point (joint)

    BE CAREFUL, check at low speed

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