Conveyor with agilus kr10

  • Hello,
    I have kr10 + kl100 with conveyor tech for external conveyor
    But kl no move with conveyor...the tcp is sincronized but kl(e1) no move sincroized with conveyor...someone already used this application?

  • Well - this leaves a million things that could be the culprit. Have you configured it properly in WorkVisual? What are the errors generated on the KCP in the status bar?

    Here's my experience:

    I was at a customer site and they were having problems with getting the External to turn. The WorkVisual project was configured properly, correct power supply, correct connections from the Compact Drive Box to the External Axis, correct connections between the Compact Drive Box and the KRC, etc....

    From the outside everything looked OK. But as soon as you tried to jog the External Axis I would get KSS Messages 15074, 15002, and 127 that all relate to the External Axis. Ruled out all of the Software and Tech Options.

    Open up the Compact Drive Box (it's like 10 phillips head screws that hold the top onto the bottom chassis) and look at the connections between the KPP and KSP and make sure that they're all seated properly. Then check the connections that go from the KSP out to the External Axis. In my case - the connections on the output side of the KSP were wired on the wrong side of the male terminal. Once I moved the wires to their proper location it worked great. I wish I still have the pictures, but I no longer work at KUKA Robotics and they were stored on my company laptop.

    Let me know what you've ruled out so far and we can go from there. I can dig out my external HDD and see what notes I had from that job tomorrow morning when I get out of work tonight.


  • Controller model? KSS version? Conveyortech version? ConveyorTech configuration -- is the conveyor driven by a robot axis, or linked to the robot with an external encoder? What are your inputs for syncrhonization? What tests have you carried out so far?

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