Omron SYSMAC Programmable Controller CJ1M-CPU12, CJ1W-PA202, CJ1W-ID232, ...

  • Omron SYSMAC Programmable Controller CJ1M-CPU12, CJ1W-PA202, CJ1W-ID232, CJ1W-ID211, CJ1W-OD232, CJ1W-AD081-V1, CJ1W-NC113, CJ1W-TER01, CS1W-CIF31, CS1W-CN626

    Hello guys,

    I sell very cheaply Programmable Controller CJ1M.

    more info about price and method of payment on my ebay:

    CJ1M-CPU12 (ver 3.0)
    Small! Fast! Flexible! These machine controllers provide flexible control for all kinds of applications.
    Compact 90 × 65 mm (H × D) dimensions are first class in the industry.
    Provides excellent high-speed control performance, with high-speed processing of 0.1 μs for LD instructions and 13.3 μs for floating-point calculations.

    Used to provide power to CJ1M CPUs and I/O units; AC and DC supply versions available; Clips to the left of the CPU; Also used to power expansion I/O assembly
    Note: The output currents stated are maximum figures. The combined 5Vdc and 24Vdc outputs must not exceed the maximum output power.

    Basic I/O Units:
    CJ1W-ID211(SL) (ID211 without terminal block)
    A wide range of CJ series input units are available featuring high-speed input and suitability for various applications.

    A Wide Range of Basic Output. Units for High Speed Output and Different Applications. These Output Units receive the results of output instructions from the CPU Unit and perform ON/OFF control for external devices.

    Special I/O Units:
    Axis position control unit. Open-collector output.
    Point-to-point positioning controller withpulse train output.

    Analog Input Module to convert varying input signals

    End Cover CJ1W-TER01 (necessary to be mounted at the right end of CPU Rack)

    CS1W-CIF31 (length - 0,5m; used)

    CS1W-CN626 (length - 6m; used)

    Current status of each part:
    About a year used in a clean environment.
    Our creation of PLC Programmes have been deleted - PLC is ready for your creation.
    All parts have been tested and are fully functional.
    Personally, I guarantee the operation of all components.
    A part of this purchase is a PLC / USB cable (CS1W-CIF31; CS1W-CN626), allowing you yourself will be able to check the status of functionality.
    A part of the sale is not subject documentation neither software. (CX-Programmer can be obtain from the Internet.)
    Sale due to dissolution of company.

    Product Description OMRON
    + Web links to specifications

    CJ1M-CPU12 (ver 3.0)
    Compact 90 × 65 mm (H × D) dimensions are first class in the industry.
    Provides excellent high-speed control performance, with high-speed processing of 0.1 μs for LD instructions and 13.3 μs for floating-point calculations. Other models are available with special functions such as the CJ1M-CPU2[], which provides positioning functions and built-in I/O, and the CJ1G-CPU4[]P.
    High-capacity Memory Cards up to 128 MB can be installed, and used to backup the program and system settings, or log customer data. The large instruction set can support diverse applications. Four types of programming are supported (ladder, structured text, sequential function charts, and instruction lists), with approximately 400 instructions and 800 instruction variations. These CJ-series CPU Units support structured programming using function blocks, which can improve the customer's program development resources. The various protection functions provide improved security to protect valuable software resources and property. The CPU Units are compatible with the CX-One Integrated Tool Package. Information for each component can be linked, and the system's data can be integrated into one database. The software can provide total support from PLC settings to network startup.

    Omron CJ1M CPU's, PSU's and Expansion Control/Interface Modules
    The CJ1M is a powerful and compact PLC family, covering applications requiring up to 640 I/O. CPU models are available with built in pulse outputs for stepper or servo control, and all CPUs in the CJ1M family enjoy optional modules for many types of I/O and communications. The CJ1M is the next generation of PLC from the earlier CQM1 series, and program compatibility eases migration between them.As with other Omron PLCs, the CJ1M series is programmed with CX-Programmer (RS stock no. 400-6440), designed for compliance with IEC61131-3. The backplane-less construction of the CJ1M series makes selection and installation simple; choose the CPU and power supply unit, then the I/O modules to suit the application. These items are simply plugged together end to end and then mounted on DIN rail.

    CJ1W-ID211(SL) (ID211 without terminal block)
    High-speed input models are available, meeting versatile applications.
    ON Response Time: 15μs, OFF Response Time: 90μs
    Use 24-VDC, 100-VAC, and 200-VAC models to connect to devices with different types of outputs.
    The 24-VDC models can be connected to devices with either NPN or PNP outputs. There is no need to select the polarity.
    A digital filter in the Unit can be set from 0 to 32 ms to reduce the influence of external noise.
    Either a Fujitsu or MIL connector interface can be used. *2
    Several models of Terminal Block Conversion Units are available, making it easy to connect to external devices.

    High-speed output models are available, meeting versatile applications.
    ON Response Time: 15μs, OFF Response Time: 80μs
    Output Units are available with any of three output types: relay contact outputs, triac outputs, or transistor outputs.
    For transistor outputs, select from sinking outputs or sourcing outputs.
    Output Units with load short-circuit protection are also available. *1
    Select the best interface for each application: Fujitsu connectors or MIL connectors.
    A wide variety of Connector-Terminal Block Conversion Units are available to allow you to easily wire external output devices. Unit have load short-circuit protection.

    • Wire burnout detection
    • Peak-hold function
    • Mean function
    • Offset gain setting
    Use the Analog Input Module to convert varying input
    signals, such as 1 to 5 V or 4 to 20 mA, to binary
    values between 0000 and 1F40 Hex and store the
    results in the allocated memory at each cycle. The
    ladder diagram can be used to transfer the data to the
    DM Area, or the SCALING instructions can be used
    to scale the data to the desired range.

    Note: Analog Input Terminals are also available as
    DeviceNet Slaves and as Multiple I/O Terminals. You
    will find further information on these in the Industrial
    Networking and

    These position control units support positioning control via pulse-train outputs. Positioning is performed using trapezoid al orS-curve acceleration and deceleration. Models are available with 1, 2, or 4 axes control, and can be used in combination withservo drives or stepping motors what accept pulse-train control.

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