Rj3ib - can I change physical outputs to inputs?

  • I have a project that I need up and going by monday but have found I need 4 additional inputs, I have plenty of output available so I was unsure if I could change the confuguration around and use those at inputs instead of outputs. I know I could get an I/O expansion card but I'm sorta screwed trying to get on in and operational by Monday morning. I'm using the standard 50pin honda plug for IO as well as UOP for starting programs. I would like to change SDO 120 (pin 21) to SDI 124 and SDO 117 - SDO 119 (pins 26-29) to SDI 121-123. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Not sure if that is possible, but maybe you can reduce the number of inputs needed. Are there any inputs that can be consolidated to a group input, (binary code)? Are there any available RI, on the EE connection?

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  • chances are you do not really need all of your UI's you can get pns down to 1-3 from 8 depending on how many programs you need to call. edit I'm not gonna tell you how to circumvent safety but look look at how many UI's you have mapped vs how many are you actually using.

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