Program corrupting issues.

  • Dear All,
    Few days ago, I faced some issues related to program.

    I have kuka systems with KHS palletizing machine. Some axis movement and adjustments are also done with KHS HMI.
    I added pos_rk.dat/src files from other machine with same software and versions.

    While adjustment of A3 axis, its final position, from KHS HMI i faced problem. after adjusting final position, when I moved axis manually, machine got stuck. its control voltages off and machine program was erased. I tried to restore backup archive but it didn't worked. then I restored its backup image of HDD and then archive restoring done. machine started working. then i did A3 adjustment from KHS HMI. it was working.
    After two days when I tried some minor adjustments again, Same problem faced two times but this time, no needed to restore image, only restoring archive worked. I am unable to understand root cause of this issue.

    No. Source Description
    9 Pallettech Automatic product change active(download: $IN[135], File select $IN[129])
    1326 KCP /R1/POS_CONVERT: 22 compilation error
    1326 KCP /R1/PDYNAMICPERCH: 3 compilation error
    1326 KCP /R1/COMMANDINTERFACE: 1 compilation error
    1326 KCP /R1/DETERMINEPLACEMOTION: 5 compilation error
    26 RDT Missing correct machine data on hard disk
    276 P_239 Wrong machine data for this robot type

    Machine details:
    TechPacks=ConveyorTech|KRUPLOAD2DISC|KUKA.HMI Genesis|KUKA.PLC Multiprog MCFB|KUKA.PLC Multiprog SyCon|PalletTech|ProConOS|UserTech|
    KUKA.HMI Genesis=1.0.1
    KUKA.PLC Multiprog MCFB=2.0.0
    KUKA.PLC Multiprog SyCon=1.0.1

  • I have seen this problem before. Most likely it's a problem with the config.dat file.

    If you have a known good backup just pull the config.dat files from it, load them into the controller, and perform a cold start.

  • Sir,
    I only worked with pos_rk_x.dat files.
    after program issue, one time I did HDD image restore and then my edited archive restore.but both have same config.dat file.
    second time when faced program issue I did edited archive restore only.
    this file is still working sine last 20 days but I am not satisfied with the machine as i faced three times in two days.
    If someone changed A3 position from HMI, it can create problem again.
    If same thing happens again on that machine, what should I do to eliminate this issue on permanent basis.

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