Change Output when robot crashes

  • I have a paint sprayer attached to a 140 and every now and then the objet I am painting does not stop in the correct location and the robot crashes. How do I turn off the output that controls the spray gun when the robot crashes? During a crash, paint continues to spray.

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  • The quick manual stop is input/output. Digital outputs. Hit your spray output low or 0 shutting output off.
    There is other conditions that could auto stop contact with part.

  • I would think starting the robot motion and spray when the part is in the correct location would eliminate the need. What do you want to happen in your operation? Do you want to avoid the crash by stopping motion prior to, do you want to stop line prior to, do you want line to adjust to position the part prior to, do you want the robot crash to stop spray with an interrupt, or do you want the robot to work through the crash and spray anyway?

  • There's no "clean" solution to this until RW6 version something since there's no error handling for Collision detect before that.

    The quick and dirty way would probably be to make a cross connection between motors on and cycle on to an "enable gun" signal
    that you can either cross connect in it's turn with your actual "fire gun" signal to a third signal that is physically hooked up to the valve,
    and/or, you can supervise that signal (enable) in a background task / trap, all depending on what you want to accomplish.

  • I don't know much about IRC5, could you fire a relay with the cycle on signal?, then put the "gun on" signal through a N/O contact. When you lose the cycle on signal after a collision the contacts will open shutting off the gun.

  • For this particular scenario it really doesn't matter if it's S4 or IRC5, they have more or less the same capabilities for Sys-Outs and cross-connections.

    Motors On
    Cycle On = doPaintGun

    The other alternative would be to fit a mechanical collision bracket, as they were used on early welding robots (prior to Collision Detect) and use that to
    trigger G-Stop, or process stop, or... whatever your liking.

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