Unable to perform critical operations on a Kuka KRC4. Please help.

  • I am more conversant with ABB and Motoman robots. I have a Kuka job to execute. I logged in as Expert mode (I typed 'kuka' for password) and am in T1 mode. I have 2 specific queries:

    1) I need to add a line of command to a .src file. I figured the best way to do that would be to copy over the file onto a USB drive, modify it, and then upload it. I was able to copy and modify the file on my laptop. But when I copy the file and try to paste it in KRC:\R1\Program, I see an error message on the top saying

    C3FIL 86
    Invalid command for linked modules: command: Overwrite, module: <name of the .src file>

    When I hit OK, it says

    File <filename> cannot be changed.

    What's the best way to execute this? Will the pendant compile the code if I upload the file?

    2) I am switching out the existing tool to a new tool. I read the manual and said that I had to go to Start-up->Calibrate->Tool but Calibrate and other settings are grayed out. Any idea how to access these settings?

    Thanks for your help.

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