Search without Touchsense

  • Hello,

    There's a way to use Search instruction with one Rapid Input ( RIN #) without the comarc/trouchsense box?
    I use both DX100 and NX 100 controllers.

    Thanks. :yesyesyes:

    Rafael Schroer

    Motoman & ABB OLP Programmer

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  • Most newer welders have a built in "hall-effect" sensor that means the touch sense box is no longer needed. You will need to see if this is the case with your welder. It definitely works with the standard Miller Auto Axcess and Fronius but not the Auto Axcess DI.

  • I would contact Yaskawa in your local office (Canada, U.S., Brazil, etc) and the Engineering department there will be able to get you the drawings you need. You can then also specify if you need drawings for ROB5000 or for Weldcom. Not sure which one they use in your location.

  • Hi,

    I would also like to achieve touch sensing, with a new Daihen Welbee P500L attached to a 17 year old Motoman with XRC controller.
    Have tried the COMARC command, but no sensing is achieved. How to interface the two?

    Any help/experience on this issue would be greatly appreciated,


  • COMARC does seam tracking, not touch sensing. You touch sense to find the part and then seam track to keep the weld in the proper location. You need to have the SRCH function turned on and have the touch sense jobs added to your controller. Please contact your local Yaskawa representative about this option.

  • Touch sensing is a parameter that has to be turned on (purchased option). Once it's on you get the instruction "search" in the Inform list. You can connect anything to the rapid input to make the signal.


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