KUKAVARPROXY native VB.NET library

  • Hello everyone!

    I've built a simple VB.NET native library to communicate with KUKAVARPROXY.
    It builds the TCP packet to make the read/write requests to KUKAVARPROXY.exe without using JOpenShowVar.
    Read/write time is around 7-8ms.

    KUKAVARPROXY.exe is included in the archive you are downloading, just unzip it and run it on the robot controller, you may also put it into the windows startup folder, to ,make it start when robot is tuned on.
    Also, modify KUKA firewall to allow port 7000 TCP.

    Attached you will find the visual studio 2012 project with a demo application

    UPDATE March 2020:

    - some bugs in the TCP communication corrected

    - have a look at https://github.com/ImtsSrl/KUKAVARPROXY for the KUKAVARPROXY program.


  • Ok so i must copy KUKAVARPROXY.exe on krc4 and start, correct?
    but KUKAVARPROXY.exe not create problem when robot running?

    Yes, KUKAVARPROXY has been long time tested by the robot community and seems not to have problems but it's supplied without any warranties.
    Don't forget to open port 7000 TCP on robot's firewal.


  • Hi everyone

    Thank you for your post and the attached files, im looking forward to use this application, but it's a bit difficult to use the Jopenshowvar, so i was looking for an application in a different language. I will use this one, but i will also try to develop the c++ clases.


  • Hi, what IP adress put on your tools ?
    We have just to execute KUKAVARPROXY.exe on the KRC4 ?
    The defaut IP of my KRC4 is but it is not working...
    Please help me

  • Hello, thanks for this nice share.

    Is it still working today? Is it possible to read write your own PUBLIC variables as well?
    I am very interested by this solution for creating my own HMI, why is there not much similar example/discussion on it? Is this a realiable enough method?

  • hello, yes it still usable, but i do not offer any warranty on the code!

    you have access to any GLOBAL variables you delclare in your .dat files

    DO NOT expect real-time communication and do not use this variable exchange method to control process-critical aspects.

    I have come up with an update of the socket communication, i will update the files shortly.


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  • Hello Everybody

    I would like to know if KUKAVARPROXY can also handle single elements of arrays

    and/or elements of structures.



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