random ESC failure

  • Since this morning i have strange ESC failure on one of our robots. The robot is a vkrc2 with kss4.97 and a KR210.

    the message i get is "208: ESC veiligheidskring uitgevallen" which is dutch for ESC safety circuit failed. This message is then followed by the usual: Emergency stop, External emergency stop. All a direct response to circuit failing.
    The thing is i can't find why the safety circuit is failing. It seems to happen at random moments in the running process or even when the robot is doing nothing at all. Better still is that most of the time i can't reset the ESC board in the cabinet, or better phrased resetting doesn't seem to do anything. Sometimes i can reset it though and the robot if again fine for a few minutes, until it happens again.
    Sometimes the message disappears on its own.

    The randomness of it suggest to me that it has to some sort of bad contact or plug maybe. The emergency stop circuit seems to be fine and in my experience if one of the 2 channels fails you will get a message of a channel failure not a ESC error.

    Thoughts anyone? :hmmm:

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

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