Fanuc MOTN-063 fault.

  • I've worked a little bit with a few Fanuc Robots, feel free to treat me like a noob. We have two identical machines using the 200iD 4SH(small 5 axis robots). One was eventually setup and running product. I attempted to copy over everything to the next machine and I keep getting fault's usually MOTN-063 when moving between position registers. The configuration strings are all the same, the movements are simple and not usually far apart. I did a zero master and calibration, it seems like everything will work for a short time If I re-set the position registers and then it will randomly start faulting constantly again.

    Even though the first machine was running, calibration was off and I could see issues down the road. So I did another zero master and calibration, re-set the same positions and sure enough I'm getting the MOTN-063 fault on the machine that had been working. I read you really shouldn't do zero mastering, accuracy isn't really a problem right now though. The fault comes up when I'm in the Position Register page, After I record the positions I do little dry runs hitting the "Go To" button to various positions. Even when there's very little motion between two points and the calibration string's are identical, it throws up MOTN-063. I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong calibration wise but could use some help. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

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  • The MOTN-063 fault is a configuration change error. Meaning the taught point is taught in a different coordinate than your are in now.
    For example, if you taught the point in Tool Frame 1, and you are trying to move it using World. Or if the program is trying to move it in some other coordinate system.
    My best guess is in the program that calls the position register, somewhere in there it will have a frame called out. If this is the case, you need to teach that point in that frame.

  • When to use the goto on the PR screen I think it defaults to linear motion type. If you write a program using the PR in question and set motion type to joint I think you'll find it works. You're getting MOTN-063 most likely because an attempt is made to move the robot with J5 is crossing through 0 degrees with linear motion.

  • Thanks, Fanuc support did mention that J5 crossing 0 degrees, which didn't end up being the problem. It appears Cobenson was correct for my issue, thanks man :top:. That was days of frustration :wallbash:. The Fault code seems to only point to the configuration string which I didn't see a problem, but I was going between saving points in world coordinates and 2 points I just wanted to rotate the base so I switched to joint. Keeping the robot coordinates in world at all times while I move and record position registers seems to have fixed the problem. Now I'll enjoy the beers later today that much more. :beerchug: Cheers.

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