Some questions about safety configuration and AUT mode on KUKA C4 Compact

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm working with a KUKA C4 Compact and I have some problems to configure its safety configuration (i'm a beginner, btw). I am using x11 interface. Well, i want this robot working in AUT mode so, i am trying to configure the safety circuit. I connected almost every inputs and outputs on x11 interface (E-stop, Operator safety), but, when I start the program in AUT mode, it cannot run. I close Operator Safety and I press the acknowledge operator safety button but, when I try to start the program, it cannot work, says "all commands inhibited". Well, I saw that I'm not connected the "external enable", we forgot to install. So, if I install this button, can I run the program in AUT mode easily? Is that the problem blocking AUT mode running?

    I have another question, about Workvisual. I can run my programs in T1 mode easily using the smartPAD, but, when I try to run the same program in Workvisual, the option start (F10) is not available. The Workvisual is connected on C4 compact via Ethernet input (x66), and the connection is very well, I can modify the programs using Workvisual and I have acess to the pastes into the C4 Compact, but the option to start the programs just is not available. What is the problem? Is that another configuration on Workvisual just to play programs? I use Workvisual 4.0 and KSS 8.3.

    Thanks for your attention and patience!

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