EPSON Robots

  • I am starting a new job soon. They use both Fanuc and EPSON robots. Epson is new for me. Does anyone have any opinions regarding Epson robotics (Quality, performance, cost, etc..) I noticed Epson does not currently have a forum section setup on this web page. Thanks

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  • Hi there,

    I've used Epson robots, and many other robots as well so hopefully I can shed some light.

    Epson's programming environment, RC+ is conducive to high level programming. It looks and feels like a high level IDE and for that reason it lends itself to some crafty programming and application structures. Also, as their controller is essentially a PC i have seen deployments where a C# application was built on the robot controllers window's environment, that communicated directly with the robot code. This is mainly because Epson does not have an HMI software.

    In general, the robots are ok. Nothing special, I am only familiar with their small robots, and they tend to be somewhat "whiny" on the drive side, likely older driver technology.

    So if you like programming, then Epson is a good choice, but not sure if they are on the same level mechanically/electrically to a FANUC, Kuka etc..

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