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  • I'm doing with robots from beginning of this year, so I have a maybe simple question. How to communicate UR with PC? I have plugged PC into UR via ethernet cable, but UR doesn't recognize PC and the small indicate point lights in yellow color, which says that no hardware was plugged. But in PC when I try tu ping IP adress of UR (which I have set in Robot configuration), the PC knows about UR. I'm trying new things with UR.I need this for sending variables or whole scripts from PC to UR. Or, for example, when a program in UR is doing, I send online some variable from PC and robot does something. But how to communicate through ethernet?

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  • It depends on what you would like to do!
    On UR Robots have running a SFTP Server, so you can make a file transfer.
    You have client interfaces on port 30001, 30002 and 30003 where you can send script comands like movel(p[0.3,0.2,0.3,0,3.14,0]) to the robot or complete scriptfunctions as well. You can use the dashboardserver on port 29999 where you can send assci commands to the robot to do all the stuff, that you normally do with your finger on the TP like loading a program, play, stop, close a popup.... And at least you can create a socket communication on your own defined port.
    You should check the support chapter on the universal robots website. You will find a lot of informations about all the stuff.


  • I have written a simple script file and nothing happens. UR doesn't know about PC - yellow point lights.

    import socket
    HOST = ""
    PORT = 30002
    s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
    s.connect((HOST, PORT))
    s.send ("ip_1 = 1")
  • I have installed a small program ,,SocketTest" where it goes well! When I write there for example ,,set_digital_out(4,True), UR really sets DO4 to ON. But problem is, that robot alway stops when I send him some known script code like this DO4 or var1=1 and so on. Do I have to set to robot some script to wait for an external script or what? PS: an ethernet indicator lights still yellow which says that no device is plugged in. Hope I wrote it understandable :flower:

  • Do you communicate PC with UR via EtherNet/IP ?
    When we use EtherNet/IP to send data between UR and PC , the Tcp Port should be 44818(0xAF12) .
    Now , I can successfully send CIP data to UR and get lots of info such as I/O , Tool .
    However , I do not know how to set the I/O value of UR from PC . :help:

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