FSU Safety Password

  • Greetings my esteemed colleges:
    I am curious how different companies handle the FSU safety password? In the event of lost abso data, for instance, who is qualified to recover? What guidelines does Yaskawa recommend? What are the JHSC/ safety rules/procedures for this?


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  • Hi cunaf

    As an integrator we always give the customer the proper FSU or DCS documentation.
    I give them the correspondents files and a set of drawings.
    Then we do the and internal PHSR (customer and us) followed by another with the safety authorities
    All this is done we the default password.

    Once I give the keys of the machine to them, they can do whatever they want

    Retired but still helping

  • There is an option called password protection, you can create users and define what level of security they may use. That's a way.
    Also there is a bit that you can use to detect if changes were made in FSU and create an alarm in CIO that only will reset if you create an acknowladge maybe a button in panel view or IF panel.

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  • I don't know of a bit. There are bits for each function's files, (valid or invalid), the state of the file, (safe or not safe), and if a function is disabled.

    I believe there are M-registers that contain the CRC for each function, if the software is new enough. The M-registers came out in DN2.10. They are M170-M204, every other one. The ladder could be used to compare the values.

    Retract some of what was said. There are starting at software DN2.71 additional SOUTs for the FSU.

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