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    since this is nothing personal, i will answer it here (that is what forum is for)

    On KRC2, you can have external axes with or without SBM. if they are powered from same KPS600, then both must be either with SBM or both must be without (cannot mix).
    If you don't need external axes to be held by safety circuit during part of the cycle, one can remove SMBs and wire brakes to X12 of KPS600.
    note, when doing this one need to add overcurrent protection and toroid on wire from X12. axes need to be configured correctly (use brake channel 21 if first KPS600).

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    How do I set two external axes to work as spindle or endless ??
    Already I configured for asynchronous and have no errors but can only move in manual.
    I can give speed and start and stop when you want to end the movement?

    Thank you

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