2 external axis+ceiling robot

  • i have read that doc. But i didnt understand.

    there are 4 descriptions.
    1. Translation of 450 mm in the Z direction: from the root point
    to the flange center point of the linear unit
    2. Rotation of 90° about angle B so that the positive Z axis
    points in the direction of motion

    3. Since the linear unit only has one axis, no transformation is car-
    ried out here.
    4-Rotation of -90° about angle B so that the X axis, starting at the
    connector panel, points in the positive direction: orientation of
    the robot at the flange of the linear unit.

    which cordinate system will be rotate in 2. and 4. description?
    Ersysroot or robroot?

    And how will i determine that rotation is negativ or positive?

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  • Hi,

    the transformation chain for any external kinematic is (see R1/$machine.dat)

    $ETn_TA1KR(Ex1) : $ET1_TA2A1(Ex2) : $ETn_TA2A1(Ex3) : ETn_TFLA3, n = 1,..., 6 (n = number of the external kinematic),

    where always the "z-axis" inside these coordinate systems is the axis of revolution/translation according to the axis type (linear/rotational, see $AXIS_TYPE).

    Which axes Ex1, Ex2, Ex3 are used inside which external kinematic is defined by $ETn_AX, n = 1,..., 6 (n = number of the external kinematic). E.g. $ET1_AX.TR_A1 = #E2 uses the inside KRL E2 addressed external axis as Ex1 inside the upper transformation chain.

    The type of each external kinematic is defined by $EX_KIN. E.g. $EX_KIN.ET1 = #ERSYS defines the first (n=1) external kinematic as robroot kinematic (Robot is mounted on the external kinematic, only one external kinematic of this type is allowed). Setting e.g. $EX_KIN.ET2 = #EASYS defines the second (n=2) external kinematic as base kinematic (Robot is not (!) mounted on the external kinematic).

    In case of robroot external kinematics $ERSYSROOT defines the start of the external kinematic according to the $WORLD system. Hence the upper transformation chain has to be added by a left sided multiplication:

    $ERSYSROOT:$ETn_TA1KR(Ex1) : $ET1_TA2A1(Ex2) : $ETn_TA2A1(Ex3) : ETn_TFLA3, n = 1,..., 6 (n = number of the external kinematic)

    Last but not least ETn_TFLA3, n = 1,...,6, defines the frame from the last extrenal kinematic axis to the external kinematic flange system. Please note in case of robroot external kinematics the z direction of the resulting flange coordinate system is used to attach the robot.


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