Shaving stone

  • There is no option for shaving. This is something you would have to develop your self. With MotoSIM 2015 you can drag and drop STEP or IGES files into the cell you have made in MotoSIM. Not sure if that was an option you had to buy, I was under the impression this was why they came up with a new version. Talk to your Yaskawa rep about your version of software and what you are trying to do.


  • Hi asgary64,
    as Robodoc said, MotoSim EG-VRC 2015 (now running SP3) has a CAM function you could use for the purpose of generating the routes for shaving the workpiece.

    For doing this you need to setup your cell with your robot and the 3D model (preferrable an ACIS .SAT file because there's no scaling and it's the native lightest model to import, .STEP files still have problems in parsing/loading, better use .IGES or .SAT); once imported you can "teach" points on the surface you want to polish and use the CAM function to get the path calculated.

    You could even use the PAINTING function which uses a "visual path editor" but I never used that, so I have no clue on how to set that thing up.

    And Robodoc is right, if you have some kind of special grinding equipment (pretty sure you do) you will have to build your own piece of software to develop some kind of parametric polishing routines.

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