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  • I have a question about the F number on a robot. If I need to look something up quickly about a previous robot I usually pull up that robot's MD backup and then open up the SUMMARY.DG file. I use it because it has robot info(S/W Ed#, options list, etc.) and complete list of I/O used(minus config data though). At the very top, maybe 2-3 lines down it shows F Number : Fxxxxxx. Even though it has this location for the robot's F number I've become used to it being something like F Number : 1897596, which is 7 digits and is not close to the actual F162041. I've noticed that on older robots the F# in SUMMARY.DG was correct. I don't know if its a coincidence or not, but it seems like most often 5-digit F#s(i.e. F99999 or less) have it correct and 6-digit F#s don't. I've worked on a couple newer(V8.3) robots recently that were done by other integrators and they have the F# correct. My question is, is the a way to manually input the robot's actual F# so that it shows up? I run into issues with backups not being in the right location or labeled correctly where I work as we don't have any standards regarding robot backups. That is why it would be nice to confirm I have the correct F# when I open a backup. Or am I going about this wrong? Is there another way to confirm robot F# in an MD Backup?

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  • Open your (ERRHIST.LS) from your MD backup, it will show up your F number on the Top.

    I just opened up a few MD backups and checked the ERRHIST.LS and it still had the incorrect 7-digit number or it just showed F000000.

    When you init start it gives you a chance to enter the f#. Can also correct it on a controlled start.

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    How do you correct in a controlled start?

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